Carole King, Itaal Shur, Michael Maccabee Rosato Bennett-Shur


Give me lovin' and I'll be gone
Don't want anyone hangin' on
Be out with the break of dawn
This is what I'm thinking

I don't get close when I get near
I know what you wanna hear
I will appear sincere
So you can keep on dreamin'

But you got to me somehow
I'm lost in the dark of your eyes
You mesmerizing, hypnotizing
You put your magic in me

So right, so high
So live, so tight, so nice
I didn't know this could happen to me
But it's all right--so right
So good tonight
I never fall
But you're knocking me over

You move your sexy hips
Your fingers brush my lips
I'm aching for a kiss
This is how you do me

Everyone I ever knew
Pales before you
You do what they couldn't do
You reach right into me

I know it's hard to believe
Someone like me could ever change
You mesmerized me, hypnotized me
You put your magic in me

� 2002 Lushmole Music (BMI), Itaal Shur Music (BMI), Itaal Shur Music (BMI)

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.