Carole King and Will Jennings


When she was a little girl
She dreamed there was a place
She called Magic Town

Everything that's wrong is right
They live on the light
Down in Magic Town
Everyone just flows together

It was something
She could hold to through the night
She'd close her eyes
And she would see the light

Trouble wears the heart away
We forget to dream
And time can tear us down

I think of that little girl
And I still believe
There's a Magic Town
Somewhere everyone is happy

I still feel it
Somewhere out there in the night
I keep hoping
All that's wrong will be all right

Sweet music is all around
They're dancing in Magic Town
In dreams you can hear the sound
They're happy in Magic Town
They're dancing in Magic Town

As I live my life I know that I will keep believing
There's a place where it all works out
And as I live my life I'll reach for the light
'Cause I have this feeling inside me
I know what it's all about
I can hear them

� 1988 Lushmole Music (BMI), Willin David Music/Blue Sky Rider Songs (BMI)

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.