Carole King and Toni Stern


You took me by surprise
Undressed me with your eyes
You captured all of my devotion
I tried not to look
I knew my heart was an open book

You got what you wanted, you stole me away
You tell me you love me, I hear what you say
But I've got
Mixed emotions

Your reached into my life
Cut me out just like a knife
You dragged me half way 'cross the ocean
I left my world behind
And never thought about what I'd find

You laugh and you call me a babe in the woods
You offer me candy as long as I'm good
But I've got
Mixed emotions

Well I've got
Mixed emotions
Oh, mixed emotions
Yes, I've got mixed emotions
Oh, mixed emotions

Should I stay or should I go
Hey baby, I just don't know
Everything is new to me
I feel like I'm in a fantasy
One thing I know is true
I'm still a little afraid of you

Oh, mixed emotions
Well, I've got mixed emotions
Yes, no, maybe, oh
Yes, no, stay, go
Oh, mixed emotions
Yeah, mixed emotions

� 1985 Elorac Music (ASCAP), Blue Guitar Music (ASCAP)

Lyrics courtesy of Elorac Music.