Carole King and Amos Galpin


There I was, just taking up space
I thought I was through with love, but then I saw your face
There you were, just smiling at me
Whatever my mind said, my heart knew you were my destiny

I never thought that I would go that route any more
I'd been burned, I thought I'd learned
But then you opened up that door
And now I'm ready to go again

Here I stand, can't go nowhere
My independence is up for grabs, somehow, honey, I don't care
I tell myself, you know you really shouldn't lose control
But it's hard when you've lost so many times not to try one more roll

Some look at the cup of life and only see what's emptied out
Well, call me a fool, but I make it a rule
To keep tasting all the good things I believe life is about
And I'm ready to go again

Look out
A little voice inside my head says, you're in danger
What do you know about him, he's a stranger

I know, but maybe this time, maybe this time it's gonna be all right
So shut up, voice, you got no choice, I'm going down tonight
That's right

I'm ready to go again
Ready to go again

I don't know what I was thinking of
I really thought I was through with love
Just when I thought things were going smooth
Lightning struck, and I just can't move
Things seem to happen, no reason or rhyme
I guess I'm going down just one more time

Yes, I'm ready to go again
Ready to go again

� 1991 Lushmole Music (BMI), Empty Beach Records

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.